Killer web development.

Custom front-end, back-end & user experience.



We will discuss your objectives and take an iterative approach to solving your needs, ensuring the delivery of a product that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Following Agile methodologies with frequent deliveries and progress review will ensure that you have no unpleasant surprises at the end of a long iteration.


First and foremost, you get a commitment to quality. Code is delivered with comprehensive automated tests and utmost care is given to using best-practices, appropriate design patterns and documentation. I take pride in what I produce and do not take shortcuts when it comes to quality.

User Experience

I am a firm believer in providing users with the smoothest, most painless experience. When users can't figure something out, it is usually not their fault, it is the interface's fault.

For this reason, I will help you to provide the best UX possible. Over ten years in web development allows me to have a good feel for interaction design and I will work with you and your user testing to hone in on the best results possible.


Vancouver, BC based company founded in September 2012 by Ruy Diaz, a Software Developer with over 18 years professional experience, developing software for the web.

With experience ranging from large multinational corporations such as Ericsson Telecom and working with the largest cell phone carrier in Mexico, to high traffic websites like and start-ups like

Some of Ruy's pet projects include Splitsee and Dabodo.

Ruy has done his part for open source and community service as an active member of and Stack Overflow.

Some of the technologies that Ruy has worked with include:

  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript (details)
    • jQuery
    • jQuery Mobile
    • Mootools
    • Sencha Touch
    • Prototype
    • Coffeescript
    • Angular
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 (details)
    • Bootstrap
    • SASS
    • SMACSS
    • Compass
  • Databases (details)
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB (NoSQL)
  • Test Driven Development (details)
    • RSpec
    • Cucumber
    • Jasmine
  • Heroku
  • Flash (Flex 4)
  • Java


Some of my past and present clients include:

Gastown Labs

While working with Gastown Labs, I contributed to the deliveryof key features and functionality of the following projects:

  • Sammysays

    SammySays is an online community bulletin board, a place where you caneasily post and find events happening in your neighborhood.

    Developed data import mechanisms to parse and filter events from multiple event sourcesAdded the administrative interfaces to quickly edit, vet and publish the imported events. Alsodid general maintenance and bug fixes across the site, which had a strong focus on propercross-browser, cross-device availability of the website.

  • SupaDupa

    SupaDupa is a simple but sophisticated store creator for creatives wanting to setup & customise their own beautiful online shop.

    Added an HTML5 based drag and drop graphical badge creator using KineticJS to allow store ownersto generate attractive badges of their products for social media publication. With the abilityto add different banners, borders and sale price, the store owner could then publishthe image to Facebook or Twitter.

Ruy is a professional, talented developer who can be trusted to get thejob done. He enjoys his craft, has excellent communication skills and is afun guy to have around; it has been great having him on the team at Gastown Labs.

— Adam Maddox, CEO

Glacier Media Group

Information communications company focused on the provision of primary andessential information and related services through print, electronic and online media


    Online arm of the largest real estate market news paperin the Lower Mainland: Real Estate Weekly.

    In collaboration with a few other developers, I was responsible forimplementing the complete front-end of their new real estate portal.This included integration with Google Maps API and Yelp, as well ascoordinating with the design team to transform Photoshop designs intoHTML/CSS reality. Also deeply involved in back end aspects of the siteincluding full-text searching, data import, administrative interfaces andextensive involvement with code quality, testing, interviewing, and more.

Having worked with Lamnidae for a couple of years, I can confidently saythat our experience has been exceptional. Ruy has been integral to thedevelopment and launch of our product. He not only delivers great quality code,but also provides keen UX insights, is proactive about areas of opportunity,and seamlessly transitions between front- and back-end projects.His programming ability and technical insights have been an invaluable assetto the growth of our business.

— Allen Moon, Product Manager


Coaching program for tech entrepreneurs.

  • Momentum Management System

    Worked closely with the founder, Scott Ward, to design and develophabit tracking software, tailored to HabitStack's proprietary methodology.Development involved end-to-end implementation of the Momentum Management System.

"Ruy has done excellent work for HabitStack. I've always been impressedwith his engineering skills and attention to detail. I regularly and confidently recommendRuy to people who need a developer they can trust to do things quickly and correctly."

— Scott Ward, CPCC, Founder

Tamton Training

Vancouver's premier technology training provider.

  • Rails Project (name undisclosed for NDA)

    Contributed to the client project to upgrade to Rails 3, specifically in regards to Unobtrusive JavaScript (UJS).

  • Advanced Testing Course

    Developed and taught a full day advanced testing course at the premises of Sage, to 9developers on-site and 5 remote attendants. Course covered both Ruby (RSpec) and JavaScript(Jasmine) testing.

Ruy has been an excellent and professional consultant to TamTon. He provided uswith high quality well-tested code. He instructed a course for a client ofours and they too were very happy and eager to work more in the future as a result.I look forward to working more with Ruy in the future and highly recommend that you work with him.

— Tammam Kbeili, Co-Founder


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